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PA 4048

Ferplast - 74048014

Ferplast 74048014 - PA 4048 [1]
Ferplast 74048014 - PA 4048 [1]

Cylinder scratching post with house for cats, shelves and toy. Rope and eco-friendly fur. This scratching post for cats will allow your feline to let off steam and satisfy their instinct to scratch without ruining home furniture. It has a large rope surface, a natural fibre much loved by cats to sharpen their nails, and that kitty can scratch undisturbed without being scolded. The scratching post has a cylindrical shape with three internal shelves, covered with soft eco-friendly fur, and comfortable openings that allow the cat to access the various areas. The lower and upper levels are connected to each other so that the cat can easily access them and the different levels also keep your cat active helping to maintain excellent shape and keeping them quick. The indoor area, comfortable and spacious, will welcome your friend at various times of the day. For the amusement of the animal, you will find a hanging toy in the shape of a ball. Other details, the scratching post PA 4048 has a diameter of 36 cm and a height of 100 cm. The range also offers other models that you can choose according to your needs.

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