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PA 4047

Ferplast - 74047014

Ferplast 74047014 - PA 4047 [1]
Ferplast 74047014 - PA 4047 [1]

Cat scratching post complete with house, shelves and toy. Rope and eco-friendly fur, cylinder shape. With the shape of a cylinder, this scratching post offers a cosy shelter and a fun toy for your pet. It has a diameter of 36 cm and a height of 70 cm with the shelves covered in soft eco-friendly fur. Sturdy and accurate in every detail, the outer walls are covered with rope, a durable material that allows your friend to sharpen their nails without ruining home curtains or sofas. Inside, the scratching post offers a comfortable bed, ideal for relaxation, accessible through special openings. The lower and upper levels are also internally connected to each other allowing your cat to exercise, thus keeping them active and in good shape. On the roof of the scratching post, your pet will find a convenient platform where to perch to keep the outside environment under watch. Finally, the scratching post is equipped with a fun hanging toy. In addition to this model, the range also offers other different versions that you can choose according to your needs.

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