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PA 4046

Ferplast - 74046014

Ferplast 74046014 - PA 4046 [1]
Ferplast 74046014 - PA 4046 [1]

Cat scratching post, cylinder. Complete with house, shelf and toy. Rope and eco-friendly fur. Here's a scratching post for cats equipped with bed, internal shelf and toy, and a cylinder shape. The external cover is made of resistant rope material, ideal to allow your cat to sharpen their nails without ruining chairs, furniture fabrics or curtains. The scratching post is carefully designed in detail, with a base and top shelf covered with soft eco-friendly fur, really soft to the touch. Inside the bed, made accessible by an easy entry hole, your cat can rest peacefully pampered by a comfortable environment and protected from prying eyes. On the upper part of the scratching post, instead, your cat will find a comfortable platform where they can stand to monitor the surrounding environment. The scratching post comes complete with a hanging toy-ball to entertain your friend at any time. This model has a diameter of 36 cm and a height of 50 cm. The range of cylinder scratching posts also proposes other versions you can choose according to your needs and space available.

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