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Ferplast - 65206021

Ferplast 65206021 - TANK STAR CUBE - 230 L [1]
Ferplast 65206021 - TANK STAR CUBE - 230 L [1]
Ferplast 65206021 - TANK STAR CUBE - 230 L [2]
Ferplast 65206021 - TANK STAR CUBE - 230 L [3]
Ferplast 65206021 - TANK STAR CUBE - 230 L [4]

Open glass fish tank. Anodised aluminium profile. Star Tank open glass tanks are sealed with high modulus silicone to ensure that the tank is perfectly watertight. They are ideal for different types of set-up and can be furnished depending on your needs: have fun creating your little underwater world! For example, the Tank Star Cube tank, with its 8 mm thick glass and a 230-litre capacity, is small and compact and has an elegant design that will give any environment a touch of refinement. The structure is made of special EN AW-6060 aluminium alloy profiles, anodised at 15 microns in order to guarantee better resistance to wear, even in marine environments (salt water). On the bottom of the Tank Star Cube tank, there is a special hole, which can be closed when not in use, to allow the passage of the suction tubes from an external filter. To connect it, simply purchase the CONNECTION KIT separately. This kit was created to highlight the design and e beauty of the tank. Star tanks can also be complemented by adding special accessories like a skimmer, for example, or if you prefer, an internal modular filter like Blumodular or a carbon dioxide diffusion system for aquariums like CO2 Energy Professional. Lastly, the special Stand Star Cube is available as an optional, featuring a sturdy wooden structure and a modern wenge finish and it has a door with a push-pull system and adjustable feet. In order to keep the aquarium functioning perfectly, you just need to take a few minutes each month to carry out some simple operations: clean the glass with Ferplast's magnetic brushes, suck up the dirt and waste from the bottom of the tank using the special siphons. Lastly, to clean the outside of the tank, we advise you to avoid using detergents. Both in the seawater and the freshwater aquariums, add demineralised water to replace the water that has evaporated as soon as the level in the tank is excessively low. At least once a month, replace 5-10% of the water in the tank with demineralised water. Clean the filter based on the frequency and methods indicated in the relative user's manual. Other larger models of Star Tank tanks are also available: therefore you can choose the most suitable type based on your needs.

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