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Ferplast - 57009062

Ferplast 57009062 - CRICETI 9 PRINCESS [1]
Ferplast 57009062 - CRICETI 9 PRINCESS [1]
Ferplast 57009062 - CRICETI 9 PRINCESS [2]

Hamster cage customizable with stickers. Theme: princess. Criceti 9 Princess: here is a hamster cage designed for girls feeling like small princess and wishing to take care lovely of the small rodent, matching playing and amusement thanks to the possibility to use the coloured stickers included in the package. The habitat distinguishes for the use of bright and cheerful colours and has a very compact size: is therefore ideal for small spaces, although ensuring your small animal will have all the comforts he needs for his daily activities. The cage has a sturdy structure made from varnished wire mesh, is equipped with a useful opening door on the top, complete with safety closing hook to avoid accidental escapes. The base made of sturdy plastic perfectly contains litter, dirt and sawdust and can be easily detached from the wire mesh for easy maintenance operations. The habitat is supplied with accessories for rodents: hamster home, feeding bowl, drinking bottle and wheel, necessary for daily exercise and to keep you small animal always fit. An original decoration with the shape of a sceptre - perfect for miniature queens - completes the internal cage equipment.

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