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Ferplast - 70010150

Ferplast 70010150 - NIP WOOD [1]
Ferplast 70010150 - NIP WOOD [1]
Ferplast 70010150 - NIP WOOD [2]
Ferplast 70010150 - NIP WOOD [3]

Open litter box for cats Wooden framework. Nip Wood is a practical open litter box for cats, featuring an original outer wooden framework and equipped with a generous plastic tray. With this litter box your friend can gradually get used to always using the same place for his/her needs. At the same time, you'll have an original and practical accessory, with anti-slip rubber feet to ensure stability during use. Nip Wood is an environmentally-friendly product. The wooden framework is made of TREE FRIEND wood, from forests managed in compliance with sustainability principles. Its higher edge ensures additional hygiene as it prevents litter from spilling out and soiling your floor. A simple gesture is sufficient to separate the tray from the wooden frame for cleaning. The box can be used with bags whenever you want. The bags help collect the soiled sand, and are easy to keep in place using the framework itself. The FPI 5361 bag is suitable for model Nip 10, while FPI 5362 is perfect for the Nip 20.

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