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Ferplast - 57002370

Ferplast 57002370 - LADY BUG [1]
Ferplast 57002370 - LADY BUG [1]
Ferplast 57002370 - LADY BUG [2]

Hamster cage with decorations and stickers included. Set: lady bug. A lawn with lots of fragrant flowers and cute ladybugs! With Lady Bug you will feel like you are immersed in nature! This cage for hamster has an attractive design that will surely intrigue your children and stimulate their imagination, involving them in the care of the cute lively pet combining fun and games, thanks to the themed decorations and the coloured stickers included. The cage is built in sturdy wire mesh, ideal to accommodate small rodents in absolute tranquility and safety, complete with plastic bottom to contain dirt and litter. Comfortable for the small guest, the habitat is equipped with useful accessories such as feeder, water bottle, house for rest and wheel for exercise. The internal furniture is completed by a cute little ladybird with a label where the children can write the nickname of his nice friend. Inside, the habitat is divided on two levels thanks to the convenient plastic shelf, which can be used as a further relaxation area for the hamster, and easily reachable by a plastic ladder. Maintenance? No problem! The Lady Bug hamster cage has been designed to make maintenance operations easier: for a more thorough cleaning, you can at any time unhook the side closing clips to easily separate the bottom and the roof. On the roof, you will find a door that can easily be opened to allow normal daily maintenance operations, equipped with safety hook to prevent accidental escaping.

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