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Ferplast - 55008802

Ferplast 55008802 - GRETA BRASS [1]
Ferplast 55008802 - GRETA BRASS [1]
Ferplast 55008802 - GRETA BRASS [2]

Cockatiel and budgie cage. Brass. Greta birdcages are tailor-made by our designers to accommodate birds like cockatiels and are also suitable for budgies. A special opening at the top allows you to give your birds a few moments of freedom. Greta is made of brass-coated wire mesh and is available in one colour version, with a black base and an ivory-coloured removable tray. This habitat for birds is equipped with accessories, including sturdy wooden perches, a drinking bottle and swivel feeders for cockatoos and budgies. There is also a cute toy with a mirror and a little bell for your birds to play with. Lastly, there is a special metal stand with wheels and a useful shelf that you can place your Greta birdcage on, if desired.

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