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Ferplast - 52037802

Ferplast 52037802 - NUVOLA [1]
Ferplast 52037802 - NUVOLA [1]
Ferplast 52037802 - NUVOLA [2]

Canary and small exotic bird cage. Brass. This birdcage for canaries and exotic birds is attractive and spacious. Nuvola is suitable for keeping several birds together and has every comfort to encourage your feathered friends to eat, drink and have fun. In fact, Nuvola comes complete with accessories, including Brava 2 swivel feeders, two plastic drinking bottles, a food clip, a feeder for mash, rubber-coated plastic perches, a swing and a mirror-toy with a little bell. Nuvola is easy to clean: simply pull out the tray and remove the dirt! You can use this tray with our special plastic or metal stand (not included with the cage).

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