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Ferplast - 57016617

Ferplast 57016617 - ESPACE 200 [1]
Ferplast 57016617 - ESPACE 200 [1]
Ferplast 57016617 - ESPACE 200 [2]
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Large cage for birds or rodents Roomy and customisable: the features of Ferplast's new Espace cages, conceived to provide your little friends with freedom of movement and plenty of room, all the while fulfilling the needs of those who want to personally decorate the spaces dedicated to their pets. Espace cages stand out for being fully customisable: feel free to add any accessory you want, for rodents or birds. The range includes two different models: Espace 160, the smallest of the two, measures 162 x 62 x h 103 cm, and can be used with its optional stand. Espace 200 measures 202 x 62 cm and is 153 cm high. Suitable for several individuals or for species that need a lot of space to move around, such as chinchillas, ferrets or squirrels, or to allow for short flight, such as parrots. Its solid, sturdy structure is made of coated metal mesh (all paints used are non-toxic and absolutely safe for animals), and features a simple, essential design. This habitat comes with a high plastic bottom tray to effectively contain food remains, dirt and droppings. The drawers of the structure can be fully unhooked, for fast and easy cleaning. Espace 200 also comes with doors with safety closing hooks, to make everyday maintenance easy as pie. All Espace cages are manufactured in conformity with the strictest European regulations regarding size, ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement to your little friends. Espace cages come in space-saving packages to minimize space used and transport volumes.


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